About Us

Gateway Physical Therapy is a therapist owned outpatient rehabilitation facility equipped to provide the comprehensive evaluation and treatment of patients with varying diagnoses. Utilizing skilled physical therapy, our focus is to provide cost effective treatment, education and prevention in order to improve the physical health, fitness and quality of life of individuals. Our goal is to provide exceptional service to our customers: patients, physicians, and payors.
Gateway Physical Therapy is an outpatient rehabilitation clinic specializing in orthopedic care, sports medicine, women’s health and cardiac rehabilitation. We are committed to both helping patients through skilled physical therapy and providing an outlet for referral sources aimed at providing the best patient care possible. Located in the North St. Paul Medical Building, we have direct communication with our neighboring physicians in order to integrate patient care. Through our physical therapy expertise, state of the art facility, and convenient location we are able to treat patients from within the community, including referral sources from hospitals, orthopedic clinics, family practice clinics, and the neighboring community fitness center.